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Alexa Young, CA

<link href="" rel="stylesheet"/><div id="circle-r-ribbon" onclick="if( != 'a') {'.r-ribbon_title').href);return 0;}" class=""> <div class="r-ribbon_ahead "> <svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" width="160px" height="160px" viewBox="0 0 160 160"> <defs> <path id="heading-arc" d="M 30 80 a 50 50 0 1 1 100 0"></path> </defs> <text class="r-ribbon_ahead-heading f14" fill="#000" text-anchor="middle"> <textPath startOffset="50%" xlink:href="#heading-arc">Best service</textPath> </text> </svg> </div> <p class="r-ribbon_year">2024</p> <a href="" class="r-ribbon_title f14" target="_blank">The Riverside Inn</a> <div class="r-ribbon_ahead r-ribbon_ahead-bottom"> <svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" width="120px" height="120px" viewBox="0 0 120 120"> <defs> <path id="subheading-arc" d="M 12 60 a 48 48 0 0 0 96 0"></path> </defs> <text class="r-ribbon_ahead-subh" fill="#000" text-anchor="middle"> <textPath startOffset="50%" xlink:href="#subheading-arc"><a href="" target="_blank">Restaurant Guru</a></textPath> </text> </svg> </div></div>

Morgan James, NY

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Lisa Driver, MI

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